Chased into compliance during his development years. Upon being caught this man stopped and took stock. Here he shares his lessons learnt with an audience compelled by social media in mind. He recognises networking sites as the tool of choice for sharing the common, spoken word and salutes the notion. Meanwhile the concept of love escapes him. Perhaps it is necessary to bury the hatchet with old experience; in life and in love.

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Have you ever been interviewed before? If so when and why

I have been interviewed by the police; didn’t really get to talk about me though (laughter). It’s a different set-up to this, or to a job interview.

In a normal interview scenario you can try and take some power of presence and the interviewer would encourage, even respond to your open responses and questions. It is not like that with the police.

Most interesting fact/s about yourself

Didn’t really go to school. The teachers told me I was stupid. I proved them all wrong. Whether or not others find this interesting is not for me to say; I am not a narcissist. This is just how I feel about what is interesting about me. For me to be the judge and to quantify this fact to anyone; that my not attending school is interesting, well that depends on the relevance to the reader.

The basic fact was I did not want to go to school. I found fun in the challenge of not going to be honest; enjoyed the ‘cat and mouse’ of it all and it grew to be a habit. There are no favourite memories associated with this part of my life; I was just a little bastard. The memories I have are not things I would want to share.

In school the teachers shouted at me. My handwriting was not amazing and that made me stupid. Though I wanted to answer back I couldn’t because they were teachers. I was actually scared of them when I was younger, til I became a teenager. Al eleven years I grabbed the headmaster and that shook him up.

My secondary education was mostly a council-funded tutor that visited me at home three days a week. After making a brew on my request I would coax him through completing my school work; asking ‘show me how’ a few times until all the tasks were done. At around the same time I was dragged to see an Education Psychologist who concluded he could not figure me out; after investigating me for a problem. I was only a kid but I could play them.

A prison counsellor tried to regress me. He came in to investigate my childhood to analyse what went wrong. He was not qualified to regress me and I told him and the sessions stopped.

As children we learn or are born with, or adapt ourselves to skill sets; the power of manipulation, negotiation and persuasion. The child uses these skills but does not understand fully whether they’re right or wrong. It is these same skills that companies look for. They are valuable skills that institutions can crush or cap in early years.

View on current societal behaviours – prominent attractions/ concerns

Don’t know if its social media but anti-government is on the increase. There’s serious change coming; revolution in Britain possibly. People can easier say what is on their mind to a select audience. Facebook, Twitter, even Russia Today, etc. is an escape from corporate, controlled media. We discover others who feel how we do; ‘Is this really right?’ We see others that agree with our thoughts and it reassures peoples opinion; ‘It is, or isn’t right’.

The TV used to dominate public opinion. Now there’s an opinion from across the world. Britain can see it has been wrapped up in cotton wool. The public decided to vote ‘OUT’, a new government leader is to be elected. Each party has the chance to go forward from the EU rather than turn to a third party that doesn’t necessarily have the country’s best interests at heart. Farage and Britain First let us down; racist idiots. The British people were sat there watching TV whilst someone’s house was destroyed and did not respond to it though it was real. A politician was shot and stabbed by someone who shouted ‘Britain First’. It was diagnosed that he was not a healthy man but if he were Muslim he would have been diagnosed a terrorist.

What is you main pet-peeve?

People who stereotype; blaming an entire group for the actions of one person, or a group from the same race or from the past. It is never-ending conflict. There is no positive emotion. This makes me think of socio-political affairs at the moment.

Leadership can be feigned or follow true theorists; Machiavelli tactics and Nietzsche. I read Nietzsche before I was locked up in prison and Machiavelli during my time inside.

Have you experienced love? If so when and was it worth it

I don’t know. Love is just a word to describe a chemical reaction. It can be perceived in many different ways; it is not a headache or an action or impulse, like sex. If you asked, ‘Have I ever grown attached to someone?’, then ‘Yes’.

I am not sure that I buy into the whole concept of love; as a lifestyle choice.

What would you recommend to improve social matters?

Revolution? Non-compliance?

There is no magic pill that can be taken and society will be ‘better’. There is no single solution; so many social problems to be addressed.

If there was one thing that I would recommend it would be to stop watching ‘junk food TV’; Jeremy Kyle would be a start. This rubbish is drilling down into the impressionable in society, telling them what is needed to ‘have a life’. Kim Kardashian – does anyone know her thoughts? Seriously, I have never heard anything interesting that she has to say. Kim just pouts.

There are real issues in the world and kids are watching this ‘TV junk food’ and thinking this is how it has to be. Like all media is has to evolve; TVs came out and created shockwaves, then they became a trend – like reality TV. It is all just temporary media influence, a perception.

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LJ Reel

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